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Finding a Home In Kunming
If you plan to rent or buy a property in Kunming, finding your property will be a major step in your relocation to Kunming. If you have not lived in Kunming, you should rent rather than buy your property in Kunming, at least for six months. If you would like to rent or buy a real-estate property in Kunming you may email us at webmaster@cnta.hk with your real-estate questions.

It is the best way to know not only if Kunming is the place you want to live or retire for the next few years, but also if Kunming is suited for you.

Apartments & Houses in Kunming
If you are planning on living in Kunming, it is likely that you will be living in an apartment/condo versus a house.

Please make sure that modern equipments, such as electricity and water should function to the maximum. Please double-check and make sure electrical outlets are located in every room and functioning.

Make sure you turn on the water and make sure that hot and cold water is functioning and flush the toilet, turn on the shower. Don't count on real-estate agents in Kunming to point out the negatives of a place they're trying to rent or sell you.

Kunming Agencies
Real-estate agencies in Kunming advertise in local Kunming newspapers and as well on their office windows.

You should be able to notice a real estate agency in Kunming by the window full of ads for the different apartments or houses they have available for rent or sell in Kunming.

Before you begin working with an agency in Kunming, check that their fees are acceptable and that they are a member of the Kunming Real-estate Assocation. In most rental agreements in Kunming most agencies charge a month's rent for a twelve-month rental agreement.

When selling a property in Kunming, real-estate agents in Kunming usually charge between 2.5% and 3% of the final sales price.
Monthly rent Kunming:RMB
Monthly Kunming rental insurance:RMB
Expected annual inflation rate in Kunming:  %
Purchase price of property in Kunming:RMB
Down payment amount:RMB
Length of Kunming mortgage term (years):#
Kunming Mortgage's annual interest rate:  %
Discount points on purchase of home in Kunming:  %
Origination fees:  %
Other loan costs in Kunming:RMB
Mortgage Insurance (PMI):  %
Kunming Homeowner's insurance rate:  %
Monthly association dues in Kunming:RMB
Average monthly maintenance of Kunming property:RMB
Kunming Annual property tax:RMB
Kunming plus government income tax rate:  %
Interest rate you expect to earn on savings in Kunming:  %
Expected percentage your Kunming home will appreciate by each year:  %
Number of years you will stay in Kunming:#
Kunming Realtor commission rate:  %
Total estimated cost of renting a property in Kunming:RMB
Total estimated cost of buying a property in Kunming:RMB
After coming to an agreement on a rental or purchase, both parties in Kunming sign the contract. However, it is not a legal agreement until the appropriate seals of the city of Kunming with a tax stamp has been purchased and affixed to ther agreement. You have to make sure before finalising the lease or purchase that the official seal of Kunming will be affixed to the agreement.

Real estate agencies in Kunming are the safest way if you want to rent or buy a property in Kunming. Please make sure they are a licensed agent in Kunming and very familiar with the Kunming property market.

Local newspapers in Kunming also advertise apartments and houses for rent, but word of mouth is the best way in Kunming. If you are currently an academic in Kunming, you could check local at local universities in Kunming, where apartments or rooms for rent are commonly posted.

In general rental rates in Kunming, increase by a small percentage each year in accordance with the government's annual cost of living reports in Kunming. You can find yearly leases in Kunming, and more short-term housing is available near academic institutes or around tourism areas within Kunming.

Short-term tourist housing in Kunming is fully furnished and most of the time fully equipped. If you have the budget, you could rent a serviced apartment in Kunming.

If you want to buy a property in Kunming, I would highly suggest you to have the property checked out by yourself and hire a lawyer in Kunming to check how much debts the property has currently registered and if those numbers matched with the seller of the property in Kunming.

If you are buying a brand new property, you'll need to pay property tax in Kunming. If your purchase is a luxury property, you may have to pay local taxes in Kunming and possible stamp duty.

Even as a non-resident homeowner in Kunming, you may become liable for all kind of taxes in Kunming, including income tax.

Kunming Mortgages
If you plan to take a mortgage in Kunming you need at least a 20% downpayment of the purchase price of the property in Kunming. Even if you generate rental-income from renting your Kunming property out, it is not considered by most lenders as you may decide to move in, at a later time.

The Kunming Real Estate calculator will help you to compare the costs of renting a house or condo in Kunming to the costs of buying a house or condo in Kunming. Since there are all kinds of forces at work behind the scenes such as the current interest in Kunming, Kunming property taxes, tax savings, appreciation in general to investments in Kunming, comparing the cost of renting to the cost of buying in Kunming is a lot more complicated than just comparing the monthly mortgage payment to the monthly rent payment.

The Kunming Calculator attempts to forecast the net effects of all the hidden forces so you can make an informed decision before buying or renting a property in Kunming.

Help Buttons: For pop-up explanations of any of the entry fields, click the radio button next to the description.

NOTE: Be sure to enter "0" (zero) in any entry boxes that don't apply to you. Also be sure that only numbers and decimal points are entered into the fields.

Property Types in Kunming

  • Kunming Multi-Family
    Traditional, multi-family residential complexes located in Kunming and suburban markets of Kunming.

  • Kunming Mixed-Use
    Properties in Kunming that integrate and combine residential with different uses, including retail and office spaces.

  • Kunming Office
    Traditional office or office type properties in Kunming.

  • Kunming Retail
    Properties in Kunming with a mix of tenants that meet the convenience needs of neighborhood residents, including video stores, grocery, and financial services companies within Kunming.

  • Kunming Light Industrial
    Single- or multi-tenanted spaces in Kunming used for warehouse, manufacturing, distribution, or research and development in Kunming.

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